The Terres du Midi Trilogy


Discover Provenance

To the origins of wine

PROVENANCE, a new concept, wine pride.
The “Laurent & Romain” wines are very happy and very proud to present today their new muse, “Provenance”. It alone conveys the values ​​of origin, made in France, know-how, traceability and continuous quality.
PROVENANCE is the assurance of identity, quality, local know-how at the best value for money. Provenance, will thus allow all consumers to be able to taste a very good quality product.

A work of patience to build together with local winegrowers. Provenance is above all the origin of wine, its history, its land and the people who make it, who create it.

Vin provenance

The trilogy


Vin rosé Provenance
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Vin rosé Provenance
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Vin rouge Provenance
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High Environmental Value Certification

Respectful of the environment, of its region and of “Provenance” know-how is HVE3 certified. With this certification, consumers will have the certainty of:

“Provenance” is a quality wine, responsible and respectful of the environment.

This environmental certification responds to the need to recognize farms engaged in particularly environmentally friendly approaches.
The HVE wine certification is a guarantee for the customers and consumers who buy this wine.

Certification Haute Valeur Environnementale


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